Merlyn MacLeod, Author

Merlyn MacLeod, Author

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For the Faeries Who Live at the Bottom of the Garden

"He finds her, and this is the consequence."

“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”
~ Douglas Adams

No, Douglas. It’s not. Because a fairy needs a garden and much love and creative support to survive and thrive in this world. Especially when a little boy comes tearing down the path and rips off her wings — as some little boy will eventually do, come what may.

Not only does having your wings ripped off hurt a hell of a lot, and scar you for life; some fairies are scarred for life and don’t quite understand why.

And another thing — that garden you think so beautiful is only beautiful because the damn fairy made it beautiful in the first place.

So perhaps it’s best if little boys do ignore the fairies at the bottom of the garden. The fairies will be much safer that way, if the little boys play their war and power games at the top of the garden where the sharp rocks are. There they can bloody knees and noses and break their bones, and leave fairy hearts safely alone.

Bonus Song: “Fairies Living at the Bottom of the Garden” by Renaissance (1981, British Pop)

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