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The Richard III Network Discussion Board

24 March 2014 | Comment

Richard III Network Banner

Richard III Network Banner

I know I’m not the only one frustrated with YahooGroups’ “update”. Nor am I the only one frustrated with Facebook’s discussion group format, which makes it time consuming, if not downright impossible, to locate previous posts and discussions on such lively topics as Richard III, or the medieval world he lived in.

Behold, there’s a new Richard III discussion board on the castle block. THE RICHARD III NETWORK is a beautifully categorized forum where you can discuss King Richard III and anything related to his life and times. (Even the reburial issue? You betcha.)

It’s exciting to get in on the ground floor of anything new about Richard, and the founders are determined to make R3N a place where everyone’s comfy discussing the king, his life and times. New categories for discussion are being added as members suggest them.

The main rule is “Keep it kind,” as some discussions (*cough* Leicester or York? Plantagenet or Tudor? Were the Princes in the Tower murdered or did they just go missing? Evil!King Richard III or Maligned!King Richard III? *cough*) can become quite heated, and the draconian decree of “Mention That Here and Thou Shalt Be Silenced or Banned!” has stifled more than one participant taking part in other discussion sites in recent memory. The owners of The Richard III Network aren’t affiliated with or beholden to any other organizations dedicated to Richard III, so the discussion spectrum is wide open.

Membership/participation is free, no monies of any kind are collected, and opinions at R3N are unfettered.

Just…you know…keep it kind.

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