Merlyn MacLeod, Author

Merlyn MacLeod, Author

Two wenches writing as one. Named after the falcon, not the mage.

About Merlyn

27 September 2013 | Comments Off on About Merlyn

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Merlyn MacLeod Is Actually Two People…

We’re two wenches writing as one.

We began collaborating in December of 1988, on fanzines and official novelizations for a now-defunct fantasy television show.

People often ask if we’re sisters. We are, regardless we have separate parents and were born three years apart on separate continents — one  in France and one in Phoenix.

Here’s a picture of us with Johnny (a beautiful Anglo-Arab 4th-level dressage horse) who says, “The wench holding the bridle belongs to me.”

The wench holding the bridle says, “He’s my horse, and I love him dearly.”

The other wench is graciously allowed to tag along.


In an interview, eRa composer Eric Lévi said, “I am writing music for a film which has not yet been made.” Most of the time we feel like we’re writing stories with characters and worlds that simply haven’t yet been discovered.

We live in the western United States and are constantly imagining little gray aliens in the neighboring mountains, centaurs and angels in the world-famous local new-age community, and historical medieval figures whose tales go a bit wonky (make that a lot wonky) from their actual lives.

We wish it were all real. Since it’s not, we spend a lot of time creating fantasy worlds just so we can eavesdrop on our characters. Because the next best thing to being there is to write their adventures and misadventures.

It’s our hope that you enjoy spending time and their worlds as much we do.

All the best,

Merlyn & Mac